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Camp Cherry Valley

Scouts BSA Summer Resident Camp

This summer at Cherry Valley it’s going to be nonstop fun, adventure, and learning. Sails the seas, explore the depths of the ocean, test your skills on our range or invent something new with our 3D printers. For 99 years we started over and revamped our program. Click here to register!

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Grab your pack and get ready to set sail for a life-changing experience! Be a part of the one-hundred-year tradition of camping excellence here at Camp Cherry Valley. The slogan of our staff is “where we make a difference.” We invite you to be a part of that.

Camp Cherry Valley

Why Camp is Important

Summer camp is not just about the fun you experience here. It’s about personal growth, leadership, serving others, learning, and so much more. Here are just a few statistics to help back up our claims:


For 2022, our 99th year of operation, we started over. We’ve introduced brand new programs, and revamped our existing ones. Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to at Camp Cherry Valley:

Frequently asked questions

BSA summer resident camp is typically one week.

We arrange the transportation to and from the island via ferry. The cost of which is included. You’re only responsibility is to drive them to the ferry, and pick them up upon return. If you are coming from a long distance, visit ourĀ Plan Your VisitĀ page to learn more about the option available for your unit.

Internet is available to be purchased at the trading post. Newly renovated in 2022, our leader’s lounge provides a quiet, comfortable place for work or relaxation.

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